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The reunion for our FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY of our good old days at Beaverton High School was a success and enjoyed by all that were able to attend. While it was a small turnout, there was time to visit and catch up with each other. 

We discussed when the next reunion should be and the consensus was in five years. So, we will start planning for another reunion, this time in Beaverton!

In case you have not heard,  I have received some sad news that Mike 'Smitty' Smith, who I am sure you remember from the class of 1960, and who went on to become a drummer with Paul Revere and the Raiders, has passed away recently. If you're interested you can follow this link for more information: http://www.paulrevereraiders.com/ I grew up with Mike and played the drums in a Rose Festival parade with him during my grade school days at Merle Davies. I wish I had been able to keep in touch with him. I have thought about him often.

I will be keeping this site updated as things progress. The next major event is the completion of the 2001 memory book. For those that attended the reunion I will be sending it to you directly. I plan to publish it here on the web site for those who would like to see a copy. If you want a color copy mailed to you, one will be available for the sum of $10. I will provide B/W copies for free.  Or, you can print if from the the web your self. Please continue to check back here for more details. 

If you are interested in ordering a shirt, I will provide them. Just use the registration form. The cost is $40 plus shipping.





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