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Keepers of the Light House (KLH)

Well in my spare time (hehe) I have been experiencing the on-line interactive RP adventure known as UO.  I will be sharing my adventures and those of my fellow travelers on this page from time to time. But first I must tell you a story.

Once upon a time

My fellow guild members, Myst, Rama and Nobody (yes I know an unusual name for a great warrior) have been sharing a small keep way up north. Myst a Master Mage who is known to many for helping a passerby, his life saving abilities and very honorable character. Rama a Grand Master Warrior of high repute and honorable character. Nobody a very cleaver and industrious warrior of honorable character who has been supporting Mist's great habit of always needing reagents by slaying numerous despicable creatures for the gold they are known to carry.

As you can see we are a Noble group who have tried to conduct ourselves in a honorable way from the beginning. Even in the face of great temptations from purveyors of 'cheats' which will help one get ahead in the world we live in. Our little group has been together almost from the beginning, around November of 98.  So as you might imagine we have some stories to tell!

Check back in a day or two. There is more of this story to tell. Much, Much more. As time goes by and I get my second wind you will find it here. So grab a stool and sit awile; along the way you will catch more glimpses of our world.

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