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New Look!

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site and items of news. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

CSKennedy and Associates Establishes Internet Presence
See the New Look for more details.
I have been playing Ultima Online for some time now so I put up a 'Just For Fun' page about my adventures. Check it out! This is a very interesting virtual world experience with a lot of people role playing.  See what UO is about here. UO for Fun   5/99

I can not believe that it has been Forty Years since I graduated from Beaverton High School. Well it has been and there is news of a Reunion! Check out the link below. 4/01

We have moved from Poulsbo to Martinsburg Pennsylvania so that we can be close to Grandkids and Carolyn's mom. 5/2010

Attended SNW on 4/2/2012 through 4/5/2012 in Dallas Texas to become more knowlegable about current storage technologies and dealing with massivly large data. Some interesting new products for removing duplcate data from storage drives and also for determining file/data access frequency and creating file/data tiers based on that knowledge. This can speed up file/data retreival from the most used files/data and move less used files to slower technologies such as tape. 4/2012


Press Releases

These are some of the press releases we've issued.  You may want to search for topics by keyword.

bulletDate 04-07-1999 New Look!
bulletDate 05-11-1999 UO for Fun
bulletDate 01-26-2000 Prime_lot_for_Sale - Update the lot was sold!
bulletDate 04-23-2001 BHS Class of 61 in 2001 Reunion


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